Nissan 240SX Side Skirts

Nissan 240SX S13/S14 Side Skirts

One of the most noticeable pieces to a body kit is the side skirts. Our Nissan 240SX side skirts are available for S13 and S14 models. These aftermarket body kit side skirts lower the side profile of the vehicle by making the rocker panel appear lower to the ground. Additionally we offer Nissan 240SX sideskirts from the top brands in the industry including Duraflex, VIS Racing, AIT Racing, B-Magic, KBD Polyuethane and more.

Nissan 240SX S13 Side Skirts

The 1989-1994 Nissan 240SX was offered in both coupe and hatchback design. We offer side skirts that fit both models. By upgrading your S13 with a set of custom side skirts it makes a strong visual impact by making the entire car appear much lower to the ground.

Nissan 240SX S14 Side Skirts

The S14 240SX offered from 1995-1998 looks so much better as you drop the ride height! The sideskirts we offer really complete the job by lowering the side profile considerably. When you mix and match the side skirts of you preference in combination with a front and rear bumper you can create the perfect body kit for your taste. In other words your S14 is going to look great!