Nissan 240SX Fender Flares

Nissan 240SX Wide Body Fender Flares and Over Fenders

Are you looking to squeeze some wider wheels and tires under your Nissan 240SX? Check out our 240SX fender flares and over fender kits. These fender flares extend the wheel clearance and allows you to fit wheels that won’t fit under the stock sheet metal fenders. One of the most common modifications to 240SX’s in recent years has been the popularity of fender flare body kits. Additionally when you make the vehicle wider the stance and performance are both improved.

Nissan 240SX S13 Fender Flares

The S13 240SX was offered in both coupe and hatchback models from 1989-1994. We offer fender flares and over fender options for both body styles. Check out our listings below to see if you like any of the flares and over fenders we offer. Additionally we also sell full front fenders for the S13 240SX.

Nissan 240SX S14 Fender Flares

The S14 model 240SX ran from 1995-1998 and only came in coupe configuration. We offer both rear over fenders that extend the full quarter panel out as well as rounded traditional style flares. Make sure to check out the ultra popular retro styled Rocket Bunny kit we offer for the S14!