Nissan 240SX Carbon Fiber Doors

Nissan 240SX S13/S14 Lightweight Carbon Fiber Doors

Weight is the common enemy of any competition vehicle. Reducing the weight on the 240SX S13 and S14 is achievable by replacing the heavy stock steel components with lighter weight carbon fiber replacements. One of the heaviest stock components on any vehicle is the doors. Made of steel with reinforcements for crash protection the stock doors weigh quite a bit.

This means that when you install a set of carbon fiber doors there is a big savings in weight. Carbon fiber doors are intended for use on race and competition builds and not intended for use on the street. Installing carbon fiber doors may not be the ideal choice for a street car. Nissan 240SX carbon fiber doors are a bolt on item. Installing carbon fiber doors does require some amount of trimming and adjusting to get the hinges and all the hardware mounted properly. Additionally these carbon fiber doors are set up to accept all the oem features such as door handles and window tracks. In conclusion if you are looking to shave the maximum amount of weight look no further than carbon fiber doors.